Awesome Fire Pits Ideas

Fire pits – External fires fueled by propane gas provide the appearance of a fire without the hassle of having to carry or cut wood. The fire using a propane stove and can be built in any decorating project using non-flammable materials. The propane tank is usually placed in a hidden place, away from fire, [...]

Hanging Wine Glass Rack

Wine glass rack – A shelf of glasses of wine adds a touch of class to your bar and collection of crystal glasses. It is a project easy you can do it yourself in one day. This shelf will have a rectangular shape, and can be conveniently store at least two dozen wine glasses standard [...]

french voile door curtain panel sidelight curtains

Door panel curtains – As the windows in your house, a patio door lets in sunlight during the day and the light of the street lamps and other exterior lights at night. If you would like to prevent light, or simply cover a patio door because you find that appearance is unappealing, you can do [...]

Awesome Storage Cabinets

  Storage cabinets - Write measures, as the need to design your cabinet. Create a diagram of the steel cabinet and record the dimensions you got. Add other elements such as chrome handles and a lock for security may also be possible. Replace the cover of the cabinet on the floor. Place two strips of steel 2 inches [...]

Aweome Kitchen Island Design

A kitchen island is an element widely used to add functional storage needed for cooking. There are several design options when it comes to islands or, if budget allows, they can be custom designed. Size and shape of design space greatly influences which shape and size of island is ideal for room. No matter style, [...]

Portable Bathtub Plans

You can create a portable bathtub while you’re camping. Make one of these can be very simple and practical. Create memories is very important when you go camping with friends or family. A portable bathtub can be the centerpiece around the formation of memories and good times. As long as you have a truck available [...]

Amazing Pub Table

The pub table of the bars is like small dining tables, whose surface is round. These tables are usually found in cafes, cafes and bars. Its design is rarely complicated; however, their construction process requires detailed attention, to get a solid table. The wood for the construction of two by four inches  works well for a [...]

bathroom porthole mirror

Classy porthole mirror have over us a great attraction, some people passing by in front of you and cannot stop looking. But the truth is that’s what they are. In the hall of a house, in the room and, of course, in the bathroom, Can you imagine a bathroom that does not have a mirror? [...]

Best Glider Rocker

Glider rockers are so comfortable and relaxing, every home should have one. But like a glider rocker can help you relax and distress, a squeaky glider rocker can give you a real headache, as well as everyone else in the home. Renew your rocking getting rid of that annoying squeak. With a little effort and [...]

Antique blanket chest

This topic DIY we will teach you how to build a wooden chest inside which bank will serve as a storage area. We can save chairs or other objects. The lid of the chest will place cushions, allowing us to use it as a seat. Step by step to build a blanket chest wooden bench: [...]